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How It Works

Create your own polls, vote and share them on the web

Polliseum is the platform that allows you to vote, share and create polls.

On Polliseum you find plenty of polls, posted by other users.

You can simply see the result of a poll.

You can vote on any poll (one vote allowed per user). You can also share the polls you like on social networks, with your connections.

But, most of all, you can CREATE your own poll, setting up questions and possible anwers; this poll will soon appear on the top of the homepage (“Latest” column); you can then share your poll with your friends on your social networks, inviting them to vote.

It’s easy, quick and totally free! In the homepage, you can see the latest polls, the closest in terms of results, and the hottest (the most voted ones); besides, you’ll find your own polls: the ones you created yourself, and the ones you simply voted.

You can then browse all polls by category, by language or by keyword.

Other relevant features will be added soon, so stay tuned!

Use the platform in total freedom, playing fair and respecting other users and their opinions and beliefs.


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